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Features of Mozilla:
Mouse Gestures
Banner Blind
Enigmail PGP/MIME
Preferences Toolbar
Mozilla Source Generator
IE skin or
Tabbed browsing (open link in background with middle click, middle click closes tab)
RFE Show progress while uploading files 24197
Turn off animation of .GIFs (Preferences->Privacy&Security->Images)
Turn off popups
Turn off Flash plugin Flash Click To View (or delete/move Flash .dll-s from plugins directory [may use Opera ones, delete/rename those too])
Stop animation with stop button or escape key (1.5b+)
Line numbers in View Source (1.5b+)
Do not load remote images in Mail & Newsgroup messages
Viewing HTML mail messages as plain text is new
Site navigation bar
Progressive JPEG support
Bookmark Keywords
Mouse wheel modifiers
JavaScript console
JavaScript debugger
Bookmark groups
DOM Inspector
Download Manager
Password Manager
Image Manager (block images from specified sites)
Cookie Manager (block cookies from specified sites)
Form Manager (fill in forms)
Select style sheet to use
Drag link from sidebar to tabbar and new tab opens with the link
Ctrl+N - Open blank new window
Ctrl+Enter - Open typed in address in new tab
Ctrl+Shift+Enter - Open typed in address in background new tab
Ctrl+F5, Ctrl+Shift+R, Shift+Reload - reload with "Pragma: no-cache" and "Cache-Control: no-cache" in request header
Ctrl+H Ctrl+F search and manage (delete, find etc)
Shift+Middle click, Ctrl+Shift+Right click - opens link in new tab and focuses it
Ctrl+Shift+I - to open DOM Inspector for the current page
Shift+click on scroll bar jumps to that location (1.6b+)
F7 carret browsing
Space, Shift+Space
Doesn't select extra whitespace
Adding Bookmark allows to modify URL before adding
HTTP pipelining
Bookmark keywords
Text Selecting on web pages: Click with text-cursor on begginning of selection. Press SHIFT key and click on end of selection. For selecting whole block-view press Ctrl when clicking - it will draw black frame over selected area.
Location bar dropdown displays title of URLs
Click on URL bar icon to bookmark
Rightclick on mailto: link has "Copy Email Address"
Scroll with wheel while search box has focus
Using cursor keys to change selection of text, Ctrl+Left|Right after selecting to change direction
Create plugins directory to your profile directory and use your personal plugins
Hold shift while clicking reply to enable HTML mode
Doubleclick on tab bar in Mozilla Firebird opens new tab

about:about <- 1.5
about:kitchensink (?)

img[height="60"], object[height="60"], iframe[height="60"] { display:none }

user_pref("accessibility.typeaheadfind.linksonly", false);
user_pref("accessibility.typeaheadfind.soundURL", "");
user_pref("browser.bookmarks.file", "C:\\home\\user\\bookmarks.html");
user_pref("browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll", false);
user_pref("browser.urlbar.showSearch", false);
user_pref("browser.xul.error_pages.enabled", true);
user_pref("capability.policy.default.Window.onunload", "noAccess");
user_pref("layout.xml.prettyprint", true);
user_pref("nglayout.initialpaint.delay", 250);
user_pref("browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing", true);
user_pref("general.smoothScroll", true);

pref("font.FreeType2.enable", true);
pref("font.freetype2.shared-library", "");
pref("font.FreeType2.autohinted", true);
pref("font.FreeType2.unhinted", false);
pref("font.antialias.min", 16);
pref("", "/usr/share/fonts/truetype");

// AA with Bitmap scaling.
pref("font.scale.aa_bitmap.enable", true);
//pref("font.scale.aa_bitmap.always", true);
pref("font.scale.aa_bitmap.min", 16);

marquee {-moz-binding: none; display: block; height: auto !important;}
blink {text-decoration: none !important;}

toolbargrippy {display: none !important;}

MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH = "C:\Program Files\\Share\Plugin"

Most of Mozilla development timestamps are in PST timezone (-0800 GMT) unless otherwise marked.

When you click on a hotlink in mIRC, the browser which is set as windows default will open the link. If you want to specify a different browser, try putting these lines into your remote section (alt + r)
on ^*:hotlink:*//*.*:*: { }
on *:hotlink:*//*.*:*: { run C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe $1 }
on ^*:hotlink:*www.*:*: { }
on *:hotlink:*www.*:*: { run C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe $1 }

MailNews/Thunderbird flaws:
"Compose messages in HTML format" enabled by default
"Block loading of remote images in mail messages" not enabled by default.

If Java 1.4.2_01 or older is properly installed and it still doesn't work then import this .reg file into registry:






Mozilla Firebird: Ctrl+1 Ctrl+2... to move between tabs

Use about:config to change browser.throbber.url to javascript:stop(), so you can click the throbber instead of a separate Stop button.

  #6211 - [RFE] View Page Errors (Web Development Console)
  #7067 - All profile contents should use cross-platform formats
  #7251 - improve startup performance tracking bug
  #7380 - Backend support for all page prefs on a URL by URL basis
  #7954 - [META] outstanding issues for full HTML 4.01 support
 #10080 - Recognition of highlighted text as URL
 #11035 - spam blocking filters features
 #11076 - *.eml, news://host/article or imap:// should open the article/mail in a new mail window
 #13595 - Add birthday fields to address book
 #15144 - Ability to add/remove toolbar buttons (customize toolbars)
 #16409 - invoke spell check in browser window (multiple form fields)
 #18764 - RFE: Full rfc2557 MHTML multipart/related support in BROWSER
 #19437 - Move, delete, and edit bookmarks inline (in menu)
 #21263 - Imported Favorites from IE not sorted
 #21747 - Implement backend for cmd_copyImageContents
 #21521 - Hierarchical go menu and tree-like history
 #22112 - UI: Icons should show state of mail
 #22681 - Unable to alter content of dynamically created IFRAMEs
 #22687 - [RFE] PGP Plugin
 #22775 - "AutoScroll"/Panning support [eg, Mousewheel Click/Drag triggered]
 #23460 - Bookmarks URL should show in status bar at mouseover of menuitem
 #24651 - button to Clear the URL field
 #24867 - UI for FTP upload not implemented
 #26201 - Doubleclicking on an .eml file opens Outlook Express
 #30057 - Use one Local Mail tree for all POP3 accounts
 #30942 - Browser should remain responsive during most infinite loops
 #33045 - Newsgroups: Show column for "size" (in KB), not "lines"
 #33684 - add "Up" navigation command
 #35578 - [RFE] Mailnews should open http/ftp links in new browser window by default
 #35866 - Windows: Need to show progress/status strings in splash screen
 #36810 - Autosave URIs of open windows
 #38486 - [FEATURE] Keep DOM and JS context in memory to provide fast access when clicking back
 #38447 - Implement Handling of URI Values on CSS2 "cursor" Properties
 #40873 - RFE: Save as rfc 2557 MHTML; complete webpage in one file
 #42456 - Changes not written to IMAP INBOX at mailnews shutdown if browser still open
 #43278 - Crossposts (same Message-ID) not marked as read in other groups
 #44863 - UI for multiple identities per account
 #44866 - MNG supports neither Chromaticity correction nor ICC profiles
 #45469 - Need control over browser scroll bars look and feel
 #45700 - scrolling menus aren't ideal for large bookmarks lists
 #47078 - Newlines are not converted to whitespace in attributes
 #47128 - Display JavaScript error indicator in status bar
 #47475 - Need "Show Image" / "Reload Image" on context menu
 #49543 - Separate Toolbar from Address Bar [urlbar]
 #50504 - Context menu for bookmarks menus
 #51202 - Dynamically determine optimum incremental reflow interval
 #55181 - [RFE] A way to log out of sites that use BasicAuth
 #56052 - Support PGP in PSM
 #57805 - front end for remapping keyboard shortcuts (user-defined keys)
 #58724 - should autofill password while page is loading, not onload
 #58744 - 3rd party download managers not supported
 #59434 - nsHTTPHandler is not thread safe
 #59636 - Need UI for importing IE Favorites bookmarks
 #60085 - about:commandline
 #60861 - Autocompletion for form <input> fields like IE5
 #61078 - Ability to Change Order of Accounts
 #61188 - Width of scrollbar should obey OS setting
 #63292 - session additions to global history lost on crash
 #65469 - get CSS error reporting working
 #65827 - File extension determined from Content-Type header overrides filename in Content-Disposition header.
 #67127 - Newline in tooltips converted to black bars
 #67752 - need to implement interruptable reflow
 #67844 - Mail and news component tries to communicate with news server before doing anything else.
 #69938 - Downloads are stored in /tmp regardless of path selection
 #70812 - [meta] mozilla stops accepting keyboard input
 #75138 - pref to open links from other apps/components in a new window
 #75866 - Viewing message for very short time shouldn't mark it as read
 #75915 - whitelist for sites allowed to store (permanent) cookies
 #76537 - Mozilla should support mouse gestures
 #76831 - slow startup after long periods of inactivity (minimized window)
 #77790 - Style the scrollbar (e.g. CSS color from IE5.5)
 #78104 - block images by directory or by regexp/pattern
 #78300 - Make imglib process data on a seperate thread
 #78510 - Link should become :visited color if URL is loaded in any other window
 #78786 - Can't scroll URL bar history drop down with mouse wheel
 #81640 - Maximum and minimum size limits for cache objects
 #83205 - Typing speed in autocomplete textfield is unacceptably slow
 #83300 - show busy cursor when pasting and other slow actions
 #83663 - Alternate style sheet setting not stored [AltSS]
 #85686 - window.getSelection() fails when text selected in a form field
 #86056 - Impossible to mark several newsgroups read at once
 #86525 - No option to disable font downloads
 #87098 - Delete key should delete URL bar history list entry
 #88982 - Add page load size, speed, and time remaining to status bar
 #89001 - File Bookmark Dialog should take keyword, comment, etc
 #91574 - [RFE] Add "Unread" option to existing "Mark" menus
 #91643 - All Mozilla windows frozen during some stages of loading a page
 #92072 - Courier-IMAP: Number of IMAP connections open is not limited
 #93426 - Followups / replies are placed in thread in wrong order
 #94035 - Allow blocking of any media type (flash, plug-in, applet, etc.) by site (like cookies and images)
 #96700 - Autocomplete should offer "base" server address first
 #97186 - Method of having alphabetical sort for newsgroups in the folder pane.
 #97413 - Dragging non-link image to Finder/Explorer should save image, not link shortcut
#104204 - Open url in new tab from command line
#104532 - Status bar ticker fails to update when tabs switched.
#105885 - reorder/rearrange tabs in tabbed browser
#109050 - UI freezes for a few seconds loading pages on
#110672 - Cannot remove local folders (having either IMAP or POP account)
#112337 - Blank tab (not about:blank) can lose focus completely, can't Ctrl-Tab out of empty tab, all keyboard shortcuts fail
#113675 - Icons for Thread Pane Priority Column
#114962 - [FIX] Bookmarks menu in menubar should open when link is dragged over it.
#115903 - Each app should run in a separate process (Should be able to start "tasks" as different processes)
#117538 - UI Pref to prevent sites from taking over context menu
#119964 - RFE: Support new USENET encoding -- yEnc
#124029 - Roaming - 4.x-HTTP-compatible
#130157 - Viewing large pages allocates memory and can't deallocate it
#131477 - Improve design of about:plugins page
#133117 - 'Web Search for...' results should open in new tab rather than new window
#134260 - [meta] Dynamic theme switching
#135300 - context menus: add Copy Image per ui spec
#135300 - selection context menu appears even when right-clicking outside of selection
#142729 - Add frontend follow-ups to mail (e.g. marking READ, REPLIED UPON etc.)
#146340 - quick launch icon disappears for a second after closing last window
#152171 - Mozilla doesn't scale to multiple processors
#155320 - autocomplete against bookmarked urls in addition to history
#155955 - Origin of a collapsed border table is offset by half a border *
#156493 - Browser should tolerate plug-in malfunctions, like with a separate process
#157372 - enhancement: multiple smtp/pop3 accs per set of folders
#158855 - Hard coded dark border around Go button makes it unskinnable
#161508 - implement a component uninstaller
#161968 - Breaking quoted line with typed CR loses quote status for end of line
#162543 - quick search of history
#164421 - Bugs that annoy IE users switching to Mozilla
#166293 - Ability to tie identities to folder hierarchies (namespaces)
#168902 - [meta] intelligent mozilla
#168905 - intelligent mail classification
#171907 - drag & drop an eml file into a mailbox folder
#175231 - Add back the page load time to the status bar
#180798 - Add option to automatically unzip .zip files when they are saved as attachments
#185578 - The message window doesn't have keyboard focus by default
#187578 - From-field when replying to message in "local folders" should be "To"-field of original
#193281 - Ability to import e-mail messages from .eml text files
#196576 - Add MySQL support
#196760 - have only one unique window for Mail with internal windows managed through tabs or internal taskbar
#198110 - Option to change precedences (order) of junk control and normal filters
#204318 - show ADDRESS in sender column, in addition to NAME
#206199 - Mail client crashes immediately on startup - very frequent
#207814 - Failure of notification with bookmark updates
#231428 - UI for "mark messages read after displaying for ___ seconds"
#232770 - Tab-switching shortcuts don't work when address bar has focus (Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+PgDn)